Selling: Its Not Personal

Selling a home is an exciting process, because once the sale is done, individuals can move on to a new home or location. However, the process can also be stressful when the property doesn’t sell right away. It’s crucial to both a homeowner’s peace of mind and the success of the sale that they don’t take this scenario personally. The process of selling and buying a home is a business transaction, and sellers who let their emotions get the best of them may hurt their chances of unloading their home.
There are several steps individuals can take to keep a cool head during the selling process.
Remove yourself from the showing
Being present for an open house is one of the most common mistakes buyers make. When sellers are in the home during a showing, potential buyers may feel uncomfortable addressing their concerns or asking real estate agents questions about the property for fear of insulting the owner. In addition, many sellers who are emotionally attached to their home may be overzealous in highlighting certain features or trying to convince buyers to sell. Instead, sellers should leave the open house to a real estate professional who knows how to manage buyer expectations and address questions and concerns with objective responses.
Think carefully about offers
Some sellers have a tendency to reject early offers, often thinking that they may get a higher price for their property down the road, according to MSN Money. However, this tactic can quickly backfire and result in a home being on the market for several months. The longer a home sits on the market, the more challenging it can sometimes be to sell it without lowering the price. Current homeowners who receive early offers may fear that they have asked for too low a price on their properties, which may be a reason some have reservations about accepting early offers. However, if sellers are receiving bids that are close to their asking price, this may actually be a sign that their asking price is accurate for their local market, MSN Real Estate reports.
Lastly, it’s also important to be fair about negotiating with buyers. While sellers may choose not to accept low-ball offers, buyers who offer the asking price but ask current homeowners to take care of repairs should be considered.